Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moseyin' on Down That Dusty Trail

After somewhere around 2 years of loyal(ish) service to the Amarr Militia, I have departed from the Amarr Retribution and all of Faction Warfare for greener pastures.  That's not to say that Faction Warfare isn't green, it's just not the type of green that I'm looking for at the moment.  I had a lot of good times and a few not-so-good times but all good (and no-so-good) times must come to an end.  

So what caused this sudden jump out of Faction Warfare?  There are a number of things I have been frustrated with over the years.  I was really disappointed that when the entire revamp for FW came, NPCs were left untouched.  It's one of those obvious issues that players have been complaining about for years and not even a slight change but now those NPCs have to be dealt with for system control.  Minmatar wasted no time strapping some 10mn ABs onto frigs and speed tanking Amarr plexes.  And when a change finally does come for FW NPCs, they just remove all EWAR from them, allowing everyone to speed tank.  That single change was the one that made me say to myself, "Self, it's time you did something else."

And something else I did.  I went to freaking WAR!

My future, I head out to nullsec again.  My previous venture there was when Vitha was sub 10M SP, making it rather difficult to be effective at anything out there.  I have joined up with Eclipse Navy, a corp in the Get Off My Lawn alliance.  LAWN, as you may know, is a part of the CFC which has gone to war with just about everyone who currently lives in Delve.  I've bought a few ships in the area and I've been on a few roams now.  Still getting used to everything and slowly getting over the new corp jitters.  They seem like a bunch of good guy, it's been a nice fit so far.  

After I left Amarr Retribution I started moving all of my ships from lowsec/Minmatar stations that I have been locked out from for the past month or so.  Jesus do I have a lot of crap!!!  Everything from Frequency Crystals that have had a single shot put through them to corpses I have collected are taking up space but, more importantly, taking up stack counts.  I quickly learned that Eve has a 200 stack count max on all courier contracts, making my two contracts blow up to four because of this "feature (there are a lot of "features" in Eve).  I cut that down to three contracts, deciding I don't need THAT many small non-faction laser crystals.  People need to stop using those on pvp ships I shoot at.

Seriously, that's pretty lame.  It would be nice to either get rid of that stack count or allow damaged crystals to have their own stack system.  I know some will mention that you can add items to a container and that will count as one stack.  While that works A) I know a good number of freight services frown upon the use of containers and B) when a system is that easy to circumvent, why bother having it at all?  The 200 number just seems a little arbitrary to me in the day and age of Eve that we live in.