Friday, April 27, 2012

Burn Jita - They Shall Flow like Water from the Heavens

Burn Jita has been underway for a little over 12 hours now and the killmails have been flowing in ever since.  With the addition of the Save Jita campaign, set up by Moar Tears and joined by RvB plus many others, its made things a bit more interesting to say the least.  Here's a list of some truly great mails from the torrent of losses.
I'm somewhat surprised to have not seen anyone talking about this loss.  With everyone so focused on Freighter and Terribly Fit T3s, it seems that not many people are paying attention to Transport ships
The one that started it all.  it's been posted many times already but I would be remiss to not include it.
Now that's a lot of Improved Cloaking Devices...

Make sure you take a lesson away from all this.  No matter where you are in Eve, there is always a chance of you losing billions of isk in the blink of an eye.  A few minutes a week of reading the forums and some a few of the general blogs can save you from a massive headache and a major hit to your wallet.  It baffles me that, even though there has been a war raging in Jita all day and many tasty tears have been shed, there will still be freighters lost until the end of this, whenever that might be.

That's the list for now, I expect to see a few more awesome ones coming in for the weekend, I'll update this post with anything good that I come across.

UPDATE:  Another nice one recently, sorry bout your Vargur BPOs! xD